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jobBuddy's Mission Statement:

jobBuddy's mission is to be a completely open source (GPL) application that makes it easier for job seekers to be more efficient and have access to as many resources as possible in the simplest interface as possible.

What is jobBuddy?
jobBuddy is a an application that searches the major online job sites and brings all of the results into one standardized list. From there you can delete jobs you don't want or go to a website that offers more information about a particular opportunity. You can even update your results or dig deeper into each of the sources at a later time.

What makes jobBuddy unique?
jobBuddy is unique in that it does not require any subscription, refrains from using a third-party site to access results, and is open source.  Similar services require a subscription or account and most of the searches are conducted through another website. jobBuddy is just a local application and therefore accesses results directly, eliminating the need for an account and outside website. Finally, because jobBuddy is open source, the community could easily extend the application to include more features and more source sites.

Development Status
We now have a page dedicated to information about the project's current development status and development cycle. For more info, please click here.

Need to remove your web site / search engine from jobBuddy?
We would love to comply. For more information please see this page.

Donations? ;)
jobBuddy is 100% free. However, we always appreciate donations to encourage the continued development of the project. Please click here to donate.